Automation Made Simple

Storefront brings your methodologies and research products into the rapid insights era. PureSpectrum’s Storefront automates the survey creation, data collection and report generation elements of your project and returns your insights to clients within 24 hours. End-to-end automation is wrapped in a custom branded dashboard, where you or your client add configurable inputs to a study, purchase and launch it and view reports, all in a user experience driven design. If your clients are asking for a faster path to insights, contact PureSpectrum to discuss building your own automated research Storefront.

Make Better Decisions

  • Deliver client results in 24 hours
  • Scale rapid insights solution through automation
  • Own customer relationship with your automated research
  • Quality respondents from PureSpectrum marketplace

Product Features

  1. Full automation of survey programming, online fielding and report creation for your methodology
  2. Easy to use interface for custom inputs, i.e. brands, content, copy, sample frame and purchasing project
  3. Branded website, interface, dashboard and secure, siloed logins for your clients if external facing. Operator dashboard for your team.
  4. Reporting dashboard with filtering, export to powerpoint. All data tagged and warehoused for historical search and comparison.

Your Clients. Your Brand.

The product login page that your clients will be interfacing with will be branded with your company logo and feel.

It’s Under Your Control.

The main project dashboard allows you to see all of your live products at a glance.

Instant Reporting Tools

  • Real-time reporting visualizes your data
  • Downloadable to PowerPoint to easily share with key stakeholders
  • Dynamic filtering to slice the data exactly how you want to view it